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FYT Wine was born with the idea to expose small wine realities, to whom we are very attached. We import wines made with heart, by people driven by a great passion for what they do. We do our best to communicate their ideas, their ways of thinking and live, and their will to show it through the wine. We select each wine very carefully. The wines we choose are not only good, but unique. We are attracted by wines with great identity, who tell about places and terroir, which only they can express. It’s very important for us to personally know the producers and their stories, it helps us to better understand the wines, the vintages, the places of origin, but most important to understand the relations between the winemakers and the wines. Behind each bottle there are people who worked a lot to make these delicious juices, our work is to carry the passions, the efforts, and the thoughts behind them. Federico & Francesco FYT Wine


Valdisole, Andrea Cervini, Vino del Poggio, Calalta, Controvento, Nicola Gatta, Bergianti, Cà' del Conte

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