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Viña Urubi - La Rioja Espagne

Beatriz Izquierdo    

Carretera Comarcal LR-115km43, 26559 Aldeanueva de Ebro

003 49 41 16 35 77

003 49 41 16 35 77

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Le domaine

In 1998 we started with our winery to elaborate our own wines. But before that, we already grew our vineyards. Since more than 30 years we have been practising organic agriculture and more recently, the biodynamic agriculture. 
Five-six years ago we decided to try to elaborate our wines with less intervention, more naturally, but without selling these wines, just to try more natural and traditional ways to elaborate our wines. 
Last year, we decided to go a step furhter, and start a new proyect, Viña Urubi, to elaborate and sell these natural wines, because we saw they were really good and the quality of these wines is perfect; and we released our Ingenium wines, without add sulphites and low intervention; with our best grapes to get the best wines, the most natural ones.  

Les vignes

Three wines, one white and two reds. Very special and unique wines. 
Maturana blanca fermented in new oak barrels, garnacha matured in a concrete egg; and tempranillo fermented in concrete egg and matured in oak barrels. 
Without adding sulfites and with very low intervention during their elaboration.

La vinification

Ingenium wines are our most special wines, with very low intervention during the proccess and using the best grapes from our biodynamic vineyards. 

Les vins

Natural wines, with the best and most natural flavours.

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