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Weingut Johannes Trapl Demeter

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Toutes les cuvées sont totalement sans ajout de soufre (sans sulfites ajoutés)
Majorité des cuvées sans ajout de SO2
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Weingut Johannes Trapl - Carnuntum Autriche

Johannes Trapl    

Hauptstrasse 16 A – 2463 Stixneusiedl



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Le domaine

Dedicated to nature. Demeter certified organic winemaker. LIFE PHILOSOPHY I have been following nature's path for years and follow the natural cycle. My work has its origin in an almost unique bond with it. We as humans are inhabitants of the earth and have to adapt to the circumstances. Not the other way around.

Les vignes

 BIODYNAMIC I have been committed to biodynamics for years. A thoughtful and careful approach to nature is the basis of my work. 

La vinification

WINERY Nature gives us winegrowers what we need. But sometimes we have to give something back. Due to the holistic way of thinking, I forego any additions. #NoAddedNonsense

Les vins

WINES We accompany our wines from the grape to the bottle without depriving them of their origin.

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