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Commune of Buttons

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Commune of Buttons - Australie

Jasper Button    

1097 B26, Summertown SA 5141, Australie

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Commune of Buttons began with a single dream between brother and sister, to continue as second-generation growers of grapes, the custodians of a piece of land called ‘Fernglen’ 70 acres of bush paddocks and vineyards in the Adelaide hills at Basket Range. Our dream was to return to the place we had grown up in, to come home to explore new imaginings and opportunities that the soil and sun could conjure.

The reason for the name was quite obvious – the vineyards at Fernglen had always found their success in community, right from the beginning where three families were involved in the planting and tending of the vines. The harvest each year necessitated the help of friends and family to pick the grapes and we wanted to continue that idea. A community to raise a bottle. 

We began organic practices at the beginning of 2012 a journey that has been long and challenging, and 6 years later we are only beginning to unravel its mysteries and find balance in the vines. It’s this though which keeps the commune healthy - a return to the earth. A cyclic process of the seasons the melody of sunrises, moon cycles, rain and growth - and making the right decision! We choose to grow our grapes and to bottle our wines at our place, because it is where the journey began and where it continues to grow. 

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