Zuehlke - Hambourg pays

 Possibilité de  boire  un verre de Vin Naturel  Possibilité de  manger  en buvant des Vins naturel

Eppendorfer Weg 58, 20259 Hamburg, Allemagne

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Natural Food&Wine is our life...we work with natural wine and organic vegetable with a little own handmade charcuterie in a small shop/bar/bistro. We have daily changing opened wines and from 100 different you can take a bottle to buy for home or staying here to drink and eat something... to stay alone or with friends, meet some other people and drink natural wine together ist our motto... The people they work here are chefs in love to natural wine and food, we wanted to create a room for authenticity and relaxing, to take an Apéro or staying the hole evening here...relax and enjoy


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Horaires d'ouverture

Lundi :       closed at moment/opened in summer

Mardi :       15h - 23h

Mercredi : 15h - 23h

Jeudi :         15h - 23h

Vendredi :   15h - 23h

Samedi :       15h - 23h

Dimanche :   closed at moment/opened in summer

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