Vinos Ambiz

Vinos Ambiz - Castilla y Leon  Aucun ajout de SO² sur toutes les cuvées

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Toutes les cuvées sont totalement sans ajout de soufre (sans sulfites ajoutés)
Majorité des cuvées sans ajout de SO²

Fabio Bartolomei    

Calle San Pedro de Alcántara, 1, 05270 El Tiemblo

+34 6 87 05 00 10

+34 6 87 05 00 10

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Le domaine

I currently work out of the old village wine co-op in El Tiemblo, Sierra de Gredos. The co-op went bankrupt in 2011 and I rent the building. It has a capacity for making 2 million liters, but I just make 20,000! It is a beautiful stone building built in 1959.

Les vignes

I farm several small plot vineyards around El Tiemblo. Varieites include Garnacha, Albillo Real, Tempranillo, Chelva and Villanueva. I am not certified organic because I believe that the polluter should pay, not we clean farmers. I don't use any chemicals at all in my vineyards. No pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides, no insecticides, no chemical fertilizers. I allow all grasses and plants and flowers to grow. In winter I allow sheep to enter the vineyards and eat the grass and leave their manure.

La vinification

I don't add any additives of substances at all to my wines. I believe in minimum intervention, in order to express the terroir most faithfully. I just crush, press and rack the wines. I don't filter or fine.

Les vins

I think others would be more objective than me in describing my wines!

Informations données par le vigneron

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Méthodes de travail (2018)

A la vigne A la cave
Activité de négoce ? Oui, 100% Utilisation d'intrants autre que le SO² Non
Surface totale du domaine 3 hectares Filtration des vins Non
Rendements moyens 20 hl/ha Collage des vins Non
Vendanges manuelles Oui Flash pasteurisation, osmose inverse ou tout autre manipulation technique Non
Utilisation de produits de synthèses Non Quantité moyenne de SO² ajoutée (en mg/l) 0
Mode de culture Traditional Cuvées par millésime 12
Certification Non Cuvées sans ajout de SO² 12

Le vigneron a rempli sa fiche et a certifié sur l'honneur l'exactitude de ces données le 09-09-2018

Analyse des vins

Vin Cuvée Année SO² total mg/l Source
Alba Blanc 2017 5 Analyses
Malvar Rouge 2017 5 Analyses
Tempranillo Rouge 2017 <5 Analyses
Alba Blanc 2016 <20 Analyses
Doré Blanc 2016 <20 Analyses
Tempranillo Rouge 2010 <20 Analyses

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13/09/17 - Harvest update and sundry other stuff

Just a quick harvest update here. I've taken a day off today, away from the winery, and am just lounging around at home mostly horizontally resting and recovering! It's been quite hard work so far, especially as I decided to crush and press all the grapes manually this year!But first some boring tec...

22/08/17 - Albillo and Doré Harvests 2017

Well, that’s the Albillo and Doré harvests all done again for this year! Now I have a break of about two weeks until the other varieties kick in (Garnacha, Tempranillo, Airén, Sauv blanc, Malvar, Chelva, Villanueva) and then it’ll be constant harvesting/crushing/pressing for about four weeks.T...

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